Now this is a hot sight! Justin is the latest fuck toy stripped naked and left in a perfect position for chav top Sean to come and fuck, and there’s nothing the boy can do about it. He’s securely strapped into the old bed, his arse up in the air like a welcoming fuck toy for anyone to come and use. Sean has some extra little treats in mind, he loves hearing a boy cry out. Watch him splash how wax over Justin, finger fucking his hole before slamming his big meat into his guts and using him to get off!

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Falcon Studios: Abraham Al Malek & Antonio Miracle - Men of Madrid

The streets of Madrid are filled with sly hustlers looking for the right opportunity. Super sexy Abraham Al Malek doesn’t realize when his wallet falls to the ground. Antonio Miracle picks it up and pockets Abraham’s cash, but money isn’t the only thing he’s after. When hunky Antonio returns the wallet, Abraham is so smitten that he doesn’t even check for theft. They waste no time returning to Abraham’s apartment. Abraham grabs the base of Antonio’s cock and slides his lips down the shaft. Spit drips as Abraham tugs Antonio’s foreskin with his teeth. Bending Abraham over a chair, Antonio presses his bearded face in Abraham’s hairy ass. The center of Abraham’s hole flexes in anticipation of Antonio’s massive cock. Pressing in, Antonio thrusts his meat deep inside. The hair on Abraham’s ass clings to Antonio’s cock as he slides in and out of the tight, wet hole. They move to a sit-fuck, and Abraham’s cock bounces in time with Antonio’s powerful ramming. Antonio pulls out and blasts hot, white cum all over Abraham’s hairy legs. Abraham busts his nut too, spraying himself with thick spunk. Only after Antonio leaves does Abraham check his wallet and realize he’s been played!

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With midterms around the corner the boys are making it awfully hard to get some studying done. Zac wants to sell Carl some insurance, but Carl has got a much better offer between his legs. She knew her boyfriend was close with his mates but she never thought they were this close. Its the big wedding day, but the bride cant find the groom. Maybe she should ask the best man? Housework gets boring, so this papa will entertain his young cleaner to make the job more interesting.

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Stars: Zac Powers

Helix Studios - Introducing Beck Hartley #1Helix Studios - Introducing Beck Hartley #2Helix Studios - Introducing Beck Hartley #3
Helix Studios - Introducing Beck Hartley #4Helix Studios - Introducing Beck Hartley #5Helix Studios - Introducing Beck Hartley #6
Helix Studios - Introducing Beck Hartley #7Helix Studios - Introducing Beck Hartley #8

New boy Beck Hartley just stepped off the plane from a small town in Illinois. With wide eyed excitement, he meets up with Helix hotties Sean Ford and Evan Parker who take him to lunch so they can get to know each other before throwing the newbie into the deep end with a throbbing hot threesome. Beck is definitely a great addition to our roster; without an ounce of body fat, his beautiful bronze skin accentuates his sinewy swimmers build. The kid has amazing bone structure, AND a nice big bone! His strong jawline draws attention to his perfect face that looks even better with some throbbing cock shoved inside it. Sean and Evan bare their beautiful bodies first, leaving Hartley in his tighty whities that hug his ample ass and look amazing against his brown skin. The three cockketeers swap schlong before remembering the newbie said he loves his ass eaten. Ford dives in face first. Hartley's hog immediately springs to life and looms large. Sean's succulently smooth sex hole gets some well deserved attention from Parker's probing tongue as well. The veterans are anxious to get inside and explore Beck's back door. Evan open's the boy wide before passing the pretty pucker over to his buddy who continues the epic ass assault. Hartley wasn't lying when he said he loves his ass played with! This kid is an Einstein when it comes to ass control; squeezing his tight tush inward showing off his bangin' butt muscles and giving Sean's cock an extra hug! Parker plants his pecker in the pretty boy's pouty mouth before giving Ford's fanny some fornication. Sean is in absolute ecstasy with a beautiful boy filling each of his hot holes. The epic finale is a terrifically trampy sex train resulting in a torrential downpour of dude juice!

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Judging by this movie, most hot Czechs don’t keep their cocks and holes to themselves. Orgies like this will have you wanting to book a one-way ticket to Prague!

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Stars: Filip Vacek Bradley Cook Marty Cane Seb Priestley

Falcon Studios: Alex Gray & Austin Carter - HOOK'D

Late at night, in a darkened office, Alex Grey is on his knees giving head to Austin Carter. Austin puts his hand on the back of Alex’s head, guiding his cocksucker in the art or oral worship. Opening his shirt, Austin reveals a muscular torso dappled with fine hair. Alex stands, and Austin’s hands caress the twin round globes of Alex’s ass. Bending Alex over the desk, Austin spreads Alex’s cheeks and runs his tongue along the length of Alex’s crack. Using his tongue, he glazes Alex’s hole with spit and pushes it in with his thumb. Simultaneously, Austin rotates so that he can suck on Alex’s hard cock. Returning to Alex’s ass, Austin strips off the rest of his clothes. With both men fully naked, Austin kneels to the ground and deepthroats Alex’s cock all the way down to the base. Alex reaches down and strokes himself with Austin’s spit for lube, until he busts his nut into Austin’s open mouth. With the taste of Alex’s cum in his mouth, Austin blows his creamy load on the tile floor.

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Helix Studios - Play Date #1Helix Studios - Play Date #2Helix Studios - Play Date #3
Helix Studios - Play Date #4Helix Studios - Play Date #5Helix Studios - Play Date #6
Helix Studios - Play Date #7Helix Studios - Play Date #8

Boys will be boys in this sweaty work out wank fest! The stars have aligned and delivered a dream cum true pairing super stars Sean Ford and jail bait/big dicked Joey Mills together! The epic duo work up a sweat in the park as they exercise and climb trees like innocent young men. Sean ford is sweaty, he's also been eyeballing Mills massive meat through his jeans all day. Sly as a fox, Ford formulates a pervy plan and brings joey back to his place because "he needs a shower." #CleverThinking Sean casually strolls out in a towel and THAT, my friends would be hard for anyone to resist! (Ps- The boy has been workin' out and looks TIGHT!) After an inevitable wrestling match ripe with sexual tension, Joey's mammoth member finds its way to Ford's face and makes itself at home. The new friends swap schlongs before Joey jams a thick finger inside Ford's fantastic fanny. That's all the invitation Ford needs to pounce atop Joey's giant. Heated and horny, skin to skin as natural as natural can be Sean sits on the colossal cock like a king enjoying every inch and bouncing like a boy at the Youth Fair. Looking down at Joey as he rides, Ford's desire to taste his top grows and he dives tongue deep into his boy. Spreading his buddy as wide as he can, he plants his piece inside while Joey's giant junk jiggles as he jacks it. Going with their gut and driven by only desire, the boys flip flop filling one another up as needed. Both boners are about to cum to a boil. Ford's firehose opens it's floodgates giving way to Joey who completes the cock soaked cum crescendo all over Ford's perfect face. Ever the perfectionist, Ford doesn't miss one delicious drop. Absolute porn perfection.

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Cream fans especially will love this pairing. We knew we had to get these boys together, simply because they’re both so great and they both unload so much jizz! David shows off his dong sucking skills, then gets his own big uncircumcised boner licked and slurped by Alexis. He loves to suck a big cock, but he loves fucking a horny little holeeven more. Watch him giving new guy David an amazing ride on his dick, leaving the new boy drenched with both their squirting loads! Really, this is a messy finish jizz fans need to see. Considering David is usually a powerful top, he took it well and loved every second!

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The desolate setting of remote countryside keeps these boys out of public view, the sun beating down on their naked & aching bodies as our captives are used and enjoyed by their horny young masters. With secure restraints and an assortment of kinky implements the young men are explored and toyed with, used and enjoyed, fed and fucked again and again until their cocks are limp and their holes are dripping! No one can hear them cry out as pegs pinch their flesh, as floggers swipe at their naked bodies, as hot wax splashes their skin and as cocks plunge into their tight little butt-holes!

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Stars: Chris Jansen Ashton Bradley

Its guys weekend in Vegas, where anything can happen. When the boys go out to party, Jaxton Wheeler hangs back to take care of jet-lagged Will Braun. After interrupting Wills jack-off session, Jaxton decides to join in and get off too. Though hesitant, Will decides to give in to pleasure and suck off his buddy. It isn’t long before Will is bouncing up and down on Jaxtons rock hard dick.
The boys catch Will and Jaxton post-coitus back at the hotel room. This sparks Griffin Barrows curiosity, who gets the chance to explore his best buds body back at the hotel room. Brandon Evans rock hard cock smoothly slides in and out of Griffins tight wet mouth, almost as easily as it fits in his warm eager hole. Brandon pushes his cock into Griffin, feeling inside his best friend for the first time.
The boys end their trip to Vegas with a big bang, exactly the kind you’re thinking. Watch as the guys senselessly pummel each other’s asses exploding in a jizz orgy all over Griffin Barrows naked body.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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Stars: Will Braun Jaxton Wheeler

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