Falcon Studios: Sex City & Part 2

Hungarian hunk Vadim Farell and Spanish stud Scott Carter waste no time in pulling out each other’s dicks, and sucking each other’s man-meat. Then Vadim fucks the daylights out of Scott, causing both men to unload their ball-juice!

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DeAngelo Jackson and Lil Niz staring intently at each other in the heat of the moment. DeAngelo is ready to get his dick wet in some white boy pussy and Lil Niz is eager to get himself a piece of that sexy ass mafucka. DeAngelo is excellent shape as usual and his dick is big and mean. Lil Niz can’t wait to suck it and get his ass all torn apart by it. DeAngelo just loves fuckin him doggy style and Niz can take it all. He begs DeAngelo to fuck his ass good and make him cum all over the place!

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Stars: Lil Niz DeAngelo Jackson

We love seeing gorgeous Dmitry fucking a hot hole, and we really love seeing hung redhead Andro being the greedy bottom we know him to be. Of course we had to get these two hunks together for a hardcore fucking! The lust between them is clear from the first moment, and in fact we were quite unprepared for how horny these guy2 were for each other. They were snogging breeder away and by the time we turned on our cameras they were desperate to get those big dicks out! With shafts free and ready for sucking they trade blowjobs, and Dmitry shows off his deep sucking skills on Andro’s big pale dick. The latter is soon desperate to impale his arse on that rock hard dick though and Dmitry is soon giving him a ride. A little break for some rimming and Andro is on his back taking it hard and deep, then on his knees as Dmitry slams in and out of his hole and makes his pecker explode all over the bed! Finally we get to see Dmitry unleashing his pent up mess all over Andro’s eager face, spewing out a fountain of semen. You can always tell how horny guy2 were for each other from the semen they shoot, and there’s no denying these dude truly clicked!

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Fly to the paradise with Twinkle Boys. Why don’t you have an experience like that, we’ll take you on a virtual trip to the southern islands. Borabora, an island in Tahiti, that is in the southern Pacific ocean and a legendary paradise people have dreamed of. It is possible to say "the utopia in the dream and memories of men." On arriving at the island, we surely felt that time has paused at the moment. It takes a mysterious island to let us feel like we did. Our models completely stripped off their clothes as soon as they landed on the island. All of them wishing on a shooting star that we will have a lot of fun on this island.

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Stars: Kon Wataru

Sweet and smooth young Jonny needs to be taught who’s boss, and you know the best one for that is master Sebastian! The boy is naked and hanging in the new rope cage, his arms taped down to his sides and his bone soon standing to attention as he swings back and forth. Horny master Sebastian makes us all jealous as he obscures the boys sight, wanking and sucking on that gorgeous young dick, pleasuring the blindfolded boy with the help of a massager until those slippery hands are making him fire off his hot messy spunk in arcs of youthful juice! After being drained of his jizz he’s left hanging, probably for one of the other boys to use!

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Falcon Studios: Sebastian Kross & Andrea Suarez - Between The Sheets

Lips locked in passionate kisses, studs Sebastian Kross and Andrea Suarez make their way towards the bed. Andrea tugs down Sebastian’s jeans, revealing the huge bulge of Sebastian’s hard cock inside his tight, white briefs. Their sexual heat is boiling over as Andrea kneels down to service Sebastian’s massive meat. Sebastian reclines on the bed as Andrea deepthroats his humongous cock. Fingering his own hole, Andrea signals that he wants more. Sebastian dives face first into Andrea’s crack, rimming his tight hole in preparation for an intense pounding. Lying face down on the bed, Andrea presents his perfect, round ass for Sebastian to fuck. Sebastian’s abs ripple as he bucks his body, giving Andrea exactly what he wants. To get the deepest penetration, Sebastian lays on his back and Andrea slides his hole over Sebastian’s throbbing dick. As Andrea grinds from above, Sebastian thrusts from below, and his balls swing through the air. Andrea lays back and throws a leg over Sebastian’s shoulder as they near the climax. White gobs of cum gush onto Andrea’s abs, and Sebastian adds his own thick, creamy load to the mix.

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Men Over 30: Kirk Cummings & Saxon West - Make Up Sex Is Hot Sex

Saxon and Kirk got in a big argument the other night and Saxon is still very upset about it all but Kirk isn’t all too worried. Kirk apologies to Saxon as he lies in bed pouting but Kirk starts to kiss him and all is forgotten. The two passionately kiss and let their hands explore each other’s bodies. Slow moving yet gentle they both are. They’ve been through the rough times and make up sex is a part of the healing process. Saxon kisses every inch of Kirk’s sexy smooth body. Both their cocks are rock hard with precum oozing out. They roll around on the bed in fall into a 69 position where they both can moan and groan with cocks in their mouths. Once they have had their fill Saxon bends Kirk over and slowly pushes his fat dick inside of him until his balls touch that ass. Two rock back and forth in perfect harmony exploring and feeling the intimacy they both have created. They stay connected emotionally as they Kirk ends up on his back with Saxon looking into his eyes with every push deeper into him. Eventually Kirk pops all over himself with a huge stream of cum which makes Saxon pull his cock out and stroke his dick until he explodes his load all over Kirk’s tanned sexy chest.<br></br>Enjoy!

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Extra Big Dicks: Mark Winters & Rodney Steele - My Son's Childhood Friend

Mark is hanging out with his best friends Dad Rodney. They are catching up with some small talk. After some awkward silence Rodney moves in for the kill and starts kissing him. Mark not sure if this is cool but he goes with the flow and starts to undress Rodney to reveal his big thick dick. Mark grabs Rodney’s hard cock and begins to suck on it the best he can. Rodney loves the young college student all over his dick and now he is ready to fuck him on his kitchen counter. He bends him over and pushes deep inside; slow at first but then starts to pound that young tight ass. Rodney is all over him and he picks him up as Mark wraps his legs around Rodney’s back. Rodney fucks up into him as he holds him. The sexy little moans coming from Mark almost make Rodney bust his nut so they go to the floor and while Rodney is still on top of him he fucks him fast and hard until Mark can’t hold is cum no more. Mark cums all over himself with such excitement that Rodney pulls his dick out and strokes all the juice right out of himself onto Marks smooth young chest.<br></br> Enjoy!

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Club Inferno: Fist Fuck - Mason Garet & Taurus - Fistpack 15

Veteran stars Mason Garet and Taurus light up the screen for the second scene of this fisting party. Mason is one of our favorites at Raging Stallion and this scene demonstrates why. As these two men get to know each other, they start slow. Taurus works his tongue around Mason’s bulging muscles and down to his growing crotch. When Mason’s massive pierced dick comes out, Taurus knows exactly what to do. He wraps his lips around the massive shaft and takes his time tasting every inch of it. His tongue soon finds Mason’s hole which he wets before fucking with his tongue. Mason’s hole responds to the kisses by opening up like a flower, allowing Taurus to reach in deeper. But Taurus wants to put his dick in there before he stretches it with his fist. After rolling a condom on, Taurus plows into Mason’s hole and sucks his dick at the same time. Fucking is just a prelude to the real action. Taurus wets his gloves and dives right in. Mason opens up easily and takes Taurus’s fist with a groan. Taurus does double duty using first one hand and then the other, swimming in Mason’s ass.

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Markie offers his hard cock for legal fee with Dylan. – Pro-Boner – Dylan Knight & Markie More

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