Every day is different from one day to the next. Some days you’re into vanilla but on other days you might crave something much more exciting. The Viscollti Triplets also have cravings for the wild, exciting new flavors. With age comes experience and you might be surprised at what you find yourself craving in the cellar!

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Stars: Renato Bellagio Rod Stevens

College Boy Physicals: I was asked by Dr. Phingerphuk to conduct a series of fitness tests on football jock Mason Moore. I figured maybe I could try fitin? his dick in my mouth.

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Broke Straight Boys: Johnny Forza shows Skyler Daniels what it’s like to get fucked! The two make out first, lip locking and spit swapping. When it’s fucking time, Skyler rides Johnny like a cowboy on a wild bronco. Johnny then puts Skyler on his back for some deep drilling.

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College Dudes: Asher and Caleb are hungry for each other and they don?t hold back as they make out before the clothes come off and the real fun begins! These two are one hot pair!

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If you cant stand the heat, get out of the bedroom! Nick Cross is a fiery Cuban whose passion for easygoing boyfriend Sean Duran could be overwhelming. Luckily, it also happens to make for incredibly hot sex. Maybe thats how this real-life couple has made the relationship work. In the debut scene from NakedSwords Boyfriends 2, the boys show that the best relationships feature a give and take in this case, an intense flip-flop fuck with big-dicked Nick taking the lead. But alls fair in love and war, and Sean gets more than a few strokes in Nicks hot ass, before being flipped (again!) and fucked till he comes. Will these two burn each other out, or is this an eternal flame?

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Stars: Sean Duran Nick Cross

In this weeks Out In Public update were here with our good friend Dee and were out here trying to get him some ass and we found the perfect candidate this big muscle bound dude who fits perfect for my friend Dee so we approach him and he was more than willing to join us in our fun filled day and these just went right at it the dude was flexin’ his muscle for my friend and Dee was loving eery second of it!The action was amazing and we actually get spotted by someone and the what happens is truly amazing! I hope you all enjoy this update,Stay Tuned!

Helix Studios - RealCam: Kody and Andy #1Helix Studios - RealCam: Kody and Andy #2Helix Studios - RealCam: Kody and Andy #3
Helix Studios - RealCam: Kody and Andy #4Helix Studios - RealCam: Kody and Andy #5Helix Studios - RealCam: Kody and Andy #6
Helix Studios - RealCam: Kody and Andy #7Helix Studios - RealCam: Kody and Andy #8

Under the careful sexual guidance of Andy Taylor, small town boy, Kody Knight begins his career in porn and loses his virginity at the same time. Dream boy, Andy savors the experience of deflowering the handsome young jock. Both eager to get the scene started, it isn't long before these two to fill their eager mouths with one another's throbbing cocks. Andy assumes all positions possible to make sure that Kody's first time is an experience to remember.

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Falcon Studios: Logan Vaughn & Billy Santoro - Best Buddies

A beefy and blond Logan Vaughn has come over for playtime with equally beefy Billy Santoro. Billy is dark where Logan is blond, and he has a 5 o’clock shadow and a mat of chest hair. They are making out on the couch, their hands busy below their waistbands. Logan extracts Billy’s cock and spits on it. Billy grabs Logan by the back of neck, guiding his head and stroking him with approval. When Logan gets up to show Billy his ass, and two hairy, muscular thighs, Billy’s cock is standing at attention. He orders Logan to ‘come sit on my face,’ and Logan obliges. Once Billy’s tongue has done its work, Logan merely slides downhill, slaloming across Billy’s chest and abs until his butt comes to rest with a hard cock planted solidly in it. They pivot 180 degrees and now Logan’s back is on the floor and Billy is fucking him from directly overhead. That does the trick for Logan, who cums in thick gobs that pour down from the head of his cock. Panting and sweating, Billy showers Logan with jism.

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Meeting up for a fuck, Fede Xavier, in the cockring, stands as he’s blown by Tomas Palmero, in the hot jock strap. Wetting the hole, Fede bends Tomas over and rims him for a taste. After munching, Fede puts his cock where his mouth was, in this very hot HDKRAW.com video. With the top’s tight balls hitting Tomas’ hole, the boy moans in delight. Using the bottom’s strap for leverage, the top pounds away easily. Wanting to get the flavor of the bottom’s dick as well, Fede sucks on the boy, aggressively. He then sits and has Tomas ride a while. Moving the bottom boy into a few different positions, the top continues to plow deep. Close, Fede pulls out and blows all over Tomas’ hole, then bends down and eats all the crme. Swallowing Tomas again, Fede is pleased when the boy shoots a huge load all over his face. The pair stand and share a sloppy kiss, well earned.

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Gay Bareback

Hot Desert Knights

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It’s going to get messy all up in here when these Cum Splattering Twinks hook up. There’s cum on their bodies, cum on their clothes and cum all over the mirrors. Looks like they’ve been saving those loads up for days!

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