Hmmm! What kind of young, studly muscle hunk am I in the mood to service today? Surfer Christian Kennedy? He does have tight abs, bulging biceps and monstrous thighs, not to mention a bubble butt and gorgeous feet. Or maybe ex-gymnast JR Bronson, with rippling abs and pecs to die for. The minute he was naked I was completely hard. Then there’s Travis Irons, with a lean, sexy swimmer’s build nicely contrasted by a big, thick cock. And then there’s Noah Greene, a stocky, muscular guy with a nice, big bubble butt and thighs, not to mention sexy bedroom eyes. Well I don’t know that I can service four studs in one day, so I’ll pull out my trusty calendar and make appointments with all four. There’s too much fun to be had!

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Stars: Christian Kennedy Noah Greene J.R. Bronson Travis Irons Jake Cruise

Three soldiers polish each other’s hard meat bayonets ! – Large Monster Dicks #01

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Falcon Studios: Austin Wolf & Nicoli Cole - Sex Pad

Instead of a power lunch with clients, sexy executive Austin Wolf opts for a power fuck at the ‘Sex Pad’ with hot copy-boy Nicoli Cole. Curly-haired Nicoli is on his knees and sucking as soon as the door shuts. The blow job turns into a rhythmic face-fuck that threatens to stain Nicoli’s tie with cock slobber. Austin leads him by the hand to the sofa, and they shed their clothes on the way. Once Nicoli’s ass is bare, Austin plunges two fingers in. Nicoli’s smooth buns react as if they’ve just been switched on. He drops to his knees and arches his back. But before taking Nicoli’s hole, Austin needs to taste it, and he grabs Nicoli’s cock stealing a taste in between. He enlists gravity to get his tongue deeper, hoisting Nicoli upside-down until he’s resting on his elbows, then his shoulders. Nicoli is a sturdy man, but Austin’s massive, hairy muscular body is up for the task. They fuck in four prostate-pounding positions, each working extra hard. Nicoli reaches behind to grab Austin’s cock and spear his ass with it over and over. Their ejaculations paint their torsos with white-hot jizz, and Nicoli sucks the final drops from Austin’s emptied cock.

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Men Over 30: Interview - Alessio Romero, Rikk York - Alessio Romero & Rikk York

Interview with pornstars with Alessio Romero and Rikk York

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Men Over 30: Alessio Romero & Rikk York - Half Hearted Part 4

It’s the end of the series and Rikk is sad that Alessio couldn’t break up with his BF. Rikk is back cleaning his fish tank as he mopes around the house until the doorbell rings. He answers the door and its Alessio again saying hello. Rikk tries to slam the door on him but Alessio begs him not to and tells him that he finally broke up with his BF and to prove it to him he has brought over his luggage and is ready to move in. Rikk is touched by the gesture and the two go back into the house for some hot romantic man on man fun. Alessio even lets Rikk fuck him this time to show his commitment in the relationship. The two have passionate sex pleasing each other like they never have before. The love between them has come full circle and they have no worries left except who will be making dinner after they unload all they built up cum. <br><br>Enjoy!

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Michael and Mark made for a very popular couple so we invited them back for another round. These two buff young guys are obviously into each other and the sparks fly when they get together! Enjoy as they suck each other’s cocks in a hot 69 and as Michael fucks Mark hard and deep until they both cum!

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Stars: Michael Mark

Hardcore Black and Spanish big dick action with cum shots!

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Stars: CY Ant (m) Izzy Ralphy Joey 12 Rock Chucky JR Eric Gus Julio Syco Ed Dane

Club Inferno: JR Bronson & Aarin Asker - Fist Pumpers

Chiseled and furry-chested JR Bronson is out in the garage feeding his hung uncut cock to tatted power bottom Aarin Asker. Aarin is eagerly already on all-fours, sucking and gulping on JR’s hung uncut cock. Equipped with a super-thick dildo, JR slowly twists and eases the rubber dong into Aarin’s hairy hole. Once Aarin’s hole begins to stretch, JR shoves the toy all the way in making Aarin let out a yelp of moaning pleasure. JR pulverizes Aarin’s scruffy hole with the dildo then lays him on his back to reach deep inside of Aarin. Both are working up a heavy sweat as they moan and grunt as JR fist fucks Aarin’s ass. JR keeps pounding Aarin’s piggy ass until he shoots his load all over his own balls then JR make him taste his own cum. To finish, JR kneels next to Aarin and oozes his cum onto his beard.

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Two high school buddies reveal their crush’s for eachother – High School Crush – Mark Long & Addison Graham

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Jason Maddox and Nick Sterling sucking and fucking together. – The URGE – Pound That Butt – Nick Sterling & Jason Maddox

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