The grand finale stars CHRISTIAN getting fucked on a table by a room full of colossal-dicked, black top men. We don’t usually bring in fluffers, but right before the scene was shot, new T.I.M. exclusive JAMES ROSCOE called to let us know he was in town and horny to suck cock; what better way to get these huge cocks ready to fuck CHRISTIAN?
Then each top takes turns—one after the other—impaling CHRISTIAN’s now sore butt hole over and over, before blasting streams of sperm into his aching cavern.
Plus 7 more hot scenes.

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Koby is a gorgeous guy with a great body and the most amazing arse. He’s an experienced guy, but Sean wanted to put him through some new things the moment he saw him. Stripped and roped upside down Koby can’t do anything about the chav lad rimming and fingering his hole, neither can he stop the pain of hot wax dripping down all over his cheeks. Thankfully it’s not all bad for him, soon Sean is sliding his big fat cock into that hole and giving Koby the kind of fucking he hoped for!

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See 13 red-hot men in 6 scenes of intense, raw man to man sex, with buckets of cum, just the way you like it! Don’t miss this one!

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Raw man to man sex, with buckets of cum, just the way you like it! Don’t miss this one!

Stars: Arny Donan Toby Dutch

Two New Arrivals Go For Some Beefy Piledriving Gay Sex – Introducing Derek Bolt & Tyler Carver – Derek Bolt & Tyler Carver

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Sexy Austin, Logan and Skyy share in deep anal pleasure. – Blindfolded – Austin Wolf & Logan Moore & Skyy Knox

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Club Inferno: When A Man Needs A Fist - Lance Navarro & Element Eclipse - Fistpack 29

Element Eclipse is a demanding pig and he knows just how he wants Lance Navarro — tied wide and spread open. Element binds up Lance’s ankles with thick hemp rope, suspending Lance’s feet high and wide apart. While Lance works his own uncut snake with a gleaming sound, Element greases up his paw and plunges right into Lance’s cavernous depths. Element grins with pleasure and Lance takes everything Element dishes out. Element’s own long, curved down tool pulses as ElementS own forearm sinks into Lance. Sweet precum drips from Lance’s tool and Element wastes no time slurping and sucking Lance’s cock while working his arm deeper and deeper into quivering hole. Element draws out the metal sound with his teeth and Lance’s eyes roll back in waves of ecstasy. Lance wants deeper stimulation. He greases up a fat 18′ silicone sound and works it into his hard pisser while ElementS arm feeds his ass. Taking it from both holes is all Lance wants. Element wants to push Lance even further. Greasing up the back end of a clear FleshLight, Element slides the fat fuck tube up inside Lance’s open hole and proceeds to fuck the Fleshlight. This is one fucking hot sight! Element’s lube slicked uncut monster pushes into the clear, rubber soft lining of the FleshLight which spreads Lance’s hole open wider and wider! The sucking, slurping FleshLight sounds incredible!

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Extra Big Dicks: Braxton Adams & Nate Stetson - That Big Cock Makes Me Nervous

Nate and Braxton have been on several dates and now they are sitting in Nate’s bedroom. Braxton asks him if he is 100% sure he is a total top and Nate tells him that they discussed this on their first date and yes he is a total top. Braxton wants to have sex with Nate but is nervous about the size of Nate’s cock. Nate assures him he will be gentle and finally Braxton agrees to be fucked by him. As he pulls out his cock for Braxton to suck it, Braxton exclaims it is bigger in person, but he has no trouble sucking it and doing his best to deep throat. Nate then sucks Braxton’s cock, which is not small by any means, and then bends him over the bed and starts rimming him. Once his hole is nice and wet, Nate starts to work his big cock deep in Braxton’s tight ass. It is a slow start at first, but once Braxton is relaxed Nate is able to fuck him deeper and harder. After fucking him in a few different positions on the bed they both shoot their nice thick creamy loads. <br><br>Enjoy!

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Fetish Force: Max Cameron & Kirk Cummings - Cops In Cuffs

Officer Kirk Cummings was no match for pervy hooligan Max Cameron. After attempting to arrest Max for loitering around the cruising grounds, Max brings Kirk back to his secret sex dungeon. Officer Kirk is helpless and immobilized with his own cuffs, but despite his predicament he can’t help getting a throbbing boner. Max sits his ass down and fucks himself on Kirk’s hard rod, ignoring Kirk’s pleading and protestations. Max grabs his nipples and strokes his cock as he raises and lowers himself on Kirk’s meat stick. With sweat streaking across their bodies, Max stands and thrusts his cock deep into Kirk’s pig hole. Reaching into a bag, Max pulls out a brutal-looking black leather flogger and uses it to turn Kirk’s ass pink. A leather paddle appears next from Max’s bag of tricks, further leaving its mark on Kirk’s defenseless ass. With Kirk’s humiliation evident, Max plows Kirk’s hole once again, fucking the vulnerable officer as hard as he can. When Max has his fill of Kirk’s hole, he stands above him and jerks his cock, raining down a torrent of cum across Kirk’s cock, balls, and stomach. Scooping up his load, Max uses the cum as lube to stroke Kirk’s boner. Max’s semen becomes frothy and white as it churns in Max’s hand, and suddenly Kirk loses control and lets fly with a massive cum spurt across his torso. Kirk pleads to leave, but Max tells him he’s not going anywhere yet. After hog-tying Kirk on the floor, Max puts in a call to his buddy and invites him over to play. ‘Bitch, you’ve got a surprise coming for you!’ says Max as he walks away, leaving Kirk helpless on the floor.

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A strong older man that younger guys can look up to is what Father Figure is all about. Hot, hung and hairy older guys teach younger guys how to take it like a man! From a super hung future father-in-law giving wedding night advice to a ripped and hairy Coach showing a younger player how to handle the balls! Father Figure gives you the very best of older and younger TitanMen getting it on. Leading the pack of hot Dads are TitanMen exclusives Dirk Jaeger, Jake Deckard and Cliff Rhodes showing us how a real man gives and takes it. 6 of the hottest inter-generational TitanMen scenes are yours for the taking! If you like hot older guys getting it on with younger guys begging for some hot man cock this one can’t be missed!

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Stars: Kyle Quinn Dirk Jager

Sean has been saving up his spunk and he’s hornier than ever, poor Kamyk doesn’t stand a chance! He’s been stripped naked and left hanging, chained up to a bar with his hooded joystick throbbing for release. Sean arrives and makes use of that hard young cock, sucking and wanking him, but it’s only the start. Blindfolding the boy and wrapping him in tight plastic gets Kamyk sweating, but with his joystick and ass revealed for wanking and fucking his needs will soon be met. He endures a pounding from the hung chav before being given a tasty load to keep him going, but he hasn’t shot his own when he’s left there for the next boy!

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