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Falcon Studios: Johnny V & Chris Harder - Labyrinth

Naked men prowl a dark, cavernous space hungry for sex. Johnny V sits masturbating furiously, until a knock prompts him to stick his cock through a glory hole where Chris Harder’s mouth awaits. Chris’ body is a composition made of fur and ink. Another cock emerges from an adjacent glory hole. The cocks are close enough for Chris to jack them both off at once when a third cock stabs through another glory hole. Chris shifts from cock to cock, using his mouth and hands to satisfy them all. Johnny comes out, wearing only a leather harness, to discover who’s sucking him. He leads Chris to a dark corner and offers his muscle-butt for the taking. Chris jams his cock in him without bothering to take off his shorts, grasping Johnny’s harness like a pair of reins. Men watch as voyeurs and pleasure themselves. The show changes when Chris and Johnny trade places. Chris is so ready to be fucked that Johnny’s cock slides right in with ease. The excitement of being watched by horned up hunks adds an extra layer of steamy erotica. They switch positions and butt-fuck themselves on opposing ends of a two-headed dildo, achieving simultaneous, noisy orgasms that shoot across the room.

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Naked and ready Dek sees how big Jay’s cock is and slowly puts the thick dark meat in his mouth and begins to suck on it while twirling his tongue around the tip of the head. Ethan, Jimmie & Lance got busted and now all of them are in detention. Jimmie is calling the shots so he bends Lance over the desk and begins to fuck his eager ass while Ethan face fucks him. Matt is telling Asher about his sex woes. He can’t seem to get laid because of his big dick but Asher has been having the same problem. Brandon is visiting his good friend Jimmie for the weekend but while Brandon is unpacking his clothes and putting them away he finds a strange looking sexy toy of some sort and isn’t sure what to make of it. Brandon is very interested and wants Jimmie to try it out first.

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Stars: Lance Barr Jimmie Slater Ethan Slade

Helix Studios - Breakin' In | Scene Three #1Helix Studios - Breakin' In | Scene Three #2Helix Studios - Breakin' In | Scene Three #3
Helix Studios - Breakin' In | Scene Three #4Helix Studios - Breakin' In | Scene Three #5Helix Studios - Breakin' In | Scene Three #6
Helix Studios - Breakin' In | Scene Three #7Helix Studios - Breakin' In | Scene Three #8

The cock crazed criminals are back for more! More booty that is! Tattooed super hunk Lucas Grande makes excuses to get adorable cutie Zach Taylor alone. Once the bedroom door closes Zach is on his knees worshipping Grande's grand cock and giving some loving attention to his beautiful balls. Lucas gets Zach on all fours and goes to town on his tight ass! Spanking, sucking and kissing the cutie's crevice. Once his belly is full, Lucas lays it down; lavishing twinkie Taylor with long hard, bare back strokes! Zack moans and bucks back on Lucas's long rod, letting his man know the dick is good! Then like a rodeo star, Zach rides Lucas as he's standing! Lucas's legs flex and ripple as he gives the twink the ride of his life. Getting his bottom back on the bed spread eagle, we get a look at Lucas's amazing ass as he feverishly fucks his buddy. Just then, his friend opens the door to get a good horny eye full. (i mean….. wouldn't you?!) Grande drills till he has drained every drop from his dick inside Taylor's amazing tush. In turn, Taylor covers his young belly with a fresh coat of his own jizz. Realizing his friend has been spying this whole time, a fight nearly erupts between the boys. The police put a stop to that, AND catch Lucas with his pants down!

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Anthony Bond and Brick Moorewood are just strangers who met on a dark stairway. Sometimes the best sex is between two strangers. One lean and smooth and submissive. One big bearded beefy and dominant. Together these sexy Euros spark up the bedroom. Anthony cannot get Brick’s clothes off fast enough. He wants to see this gorgeous man totally naked and hard before him. Brick sits back and lets Anthony take out Brick’s hard uncut dick. And then Anthony starts to suck on it. He loves it. Anthony is as gay as they come. He wants to suck and suck harder. Brick loves it and wants to help reciprocate with a hot and wet blow job of his own. He pushes Anthony down on the bed and sucks on him. Then he lays back and lets Anthony sit down on his bare cock. They start to bareback fuck nice and hard. Brick slams into him over and over again. And Anthony wants more. He wants his hot butt to be filled up more. Brick takes a dildo and starts to fuck him with it. Finally they end with a hot facial right into Anthony’s mouth. Be sure to watch the free gay porn pics of the hot bareback action here at the Randy Blue Universe.

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Trey heads to the gym after another argument with his boyfriend who thinks he’s been cheating on him. After arriving at the locker room, he receives a text saying his boyfriend is breaking up with him. Fernando notices something’s wrong and sees an opportunity. Jason can’t get a hold of Max and he is becoming very pissed off about it. Hours later Max finally shows up and realizes Jason has missed him really bad. Soon enough the clothes hit’s the floor and Max starts sucking and playing with Jason’s balls. Javier and Derek are stretching and talking about the new Coach Caleb before practice begins. They both have fantasies about fucking an older man and while talking about it they start stroking their cocks. Coach Caleb walks in and isn’t sure what to make of it but loves the big boners that he sees. Trit is enjoying a nice warm shower when Tommy comes into the locker room and sees him butt naked with the water dripping down his lean body. He can’t keep his eyes off of him now so he begins to rub his cock and pulls it out!

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You unzip his pants for the first time as your pulse quickens in anticipation. You slip a hand inside his briefs and smile as you feel the long, thick meat stick and that’s going to wreck your ass!

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Falcon Studios: Sean Zevran & Rex Cameron - Pushing Limits

Ripped muscle-hunks Sean Zevran and Rex Cameron sport tight blue jockstraps as they swap spit. The intensity builds as Sean feeds Rex his long, uncut cock pounding the back of his throat. To warm up Rex’s eager ass, Sean uses multiple toys to dilate Rex’s smooth hole. ‘Pushing Limits’ Sean replaces the dildo with huge, hard cock, and Rex takes every inch of Sean’s doggie-style. Switching positions, Rex lays back to get plowed by Sean until he shoots his load onto his washboard abs. Sean whips out his hole-crushing cock and spews his load onto Rex.

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Boy virgins get fucked in the ass for the first time in these hardcore scenes! 8 hot guys, big dicks, ass rimming, and cum eating!

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Helix Studios - Chasing Colton #1Helix Studios - Chasing Colton #2Helix Studios - Chasing Colton #3
Helix Studios - Chasing Colton #4Helix Studios - Chasing Colton #5Helix Studios - Chasing Colton #6
Helix Studios - Chasing Colton #7Helix Studios - Chasing Colton #8

Bad boy Colton James takes the reigns in this steamer. Licking every inch of bronze beauty Brad Chase's big cock before flipping him around to give equal attention to his tight tail. The tatted top spreads his work area open, getting in deep. When he pulls his own pants down his cock is already rock hard and bounces from it's own weight, springing from his underwear. Colton is super vocal (just the way we like him,) letting his boy know he's being a good little cock sucker. When Brad belts out "I wanna sit on it" Colton gets the rest of his pants off so fast it made our head spin… and our dick HARD! Lubing up Colton's monster cock, Brad climbs on top bare back, sits down and gets nice and comfy. Colton doesn't rest just because he's sitting, oh NO! He pile drives his hips upward toward Brad's horny hole like a jackhammer! When he finally gets his boy on his back Colton crashes all his cock inside. Then he toys with Brad. He teases his rim with his huge head till Brad is whimpering for more, then slams every inch inside! The kid is truly an expert top. The piece de resistance comes when Colton gets bottom boy doggy style and just fucks the shit out of him! Brad's face winces with pleasure as his fist gets faster cranking out a hot load all over the bed. Brad's ass twitching from pumping a fresh load while it squeezes his top's torpedo definitely does the trick! Immediately after Colton creams all over Brad's bountiful behind. Then Mr. Top smoothes his seed all over in a gorgeously glazed gooey finale.

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