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If you haven't been following the Helix boys on social media, you're definitely missing out! Huge hung top Calvin Banks has been eyeing jailbait Joey Mills tweets hardcore. When they finally meet big man Banks is smart enough to make the most out of the opportunity. Armed with his smart phone and a big dick, Banks breaks out Joey's super hot video thats exploded online. Then he poses a question….. "Joey, do you think you can deep throat my dick as good as in your video here?" Calvin wants to know if Joey is willing to put his mouth where the mammoth dick is. Never one to back down from a challenge, Mills mouths Calvin's cock and makes his deep throat dreams come true. The boys bring that famous viral video to x-rated life in the deepest of deep throat action. BUT…. the boys don't stop there. Taking full advantage, Banks treats Joey's ass like the prize it is diving face first into the big dicked bottom's smooth behind.It's a condom free fantasy and Calvin is an expert ass master. Joey's big piece jumps for joy as Banks bangs away, rocking his ass raw till both boys are about to blow. Your Joey Mills fantasy dreams come to life through Calvin's crazy huge cock and it truly is magical!

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I couldn’t help myself but I Bred My New Stepdad. He’s so hot and was flirting hardcore with me that one thing led to another and we hooked up. It was the hottest sex I have ever had and I intend to fuck him from here on out!!

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Stars: Dylan Bridges Dennis (Sean Cody) Vadim Black

In "Fire Me Down", the worthy successor of equally hot "Fire Me Up," another bunch of dick-crazed cocksuckers shows off their long, ready-to burst-fire hoses, filled with hot, sticky cum. When Staxus exclusives Alessandro Katz, Martyn Fox, and Kellan James join with the likes of Tony Conrad and Jeffrey Lloyd, no fire will stand a chancenor any twinky asshole around the block!
With more than 100 minutes runtime, featuring two steamy hot threesomes and two cum-draining duos, you can enjoy the raw energy of horny men in authentic and sexy uniforms who you’d want to have rescue you if the need ever arose.

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Stars: Petr Cernyka Tony Conrad

These twinks spare no time in getting at each others cocks – Breeding Party

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Sean doesn’t stop to wonder how young twink Jack ended up blindfolded and swinging, hanging from a tree, all the horny top cares about is how tight that young ass is and how delicious the boys pucker and cock are! He soon finds out, playing with the boys perfect little hole, fingering him, sucking his long dick, eating out his pucker before plunging his hard fat cock deep into him! Jack seems to enjoy it, his knob certainly isn’t complaining as Sean wanks him off and makes him spunk while his pecker head rubs repeatedly against his prostate! All that’s left is for Sean to pull out and fire off his own hot goo, splashing the boys spent dick and leaving the lad hanging and dripping!

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Men Over 30: Alessio Romero & Brian Bonds - Gym Glory Hole

Brian is in the gym bathroom taking selfies and filming himself play with his hard cock while waiting for someone to come up to the glory hole. He’s having a great time in the bathroom stall while waiting for another gym patron to take a peak in the hole. Alessio comes walking in to wash his hands and notices the glory hole. He walks up to it and sees Brain filming himself stroking his dick. Alessio is extremely curious and Brian can see Alessio’s eyes looking up at him through the glory hole. Alessio waves the hard dick over and Brain slides it right through the hole into Alessio’s eager mouth. Brian pumps his mouth hard giving Alessio what he wants. Alessio finally calls Brian out from the stall. The two are face to face now and Alessio drops back down to his knees to finish what he started. Brian is all horned up now and begins to suck on Alessio’s hard cock. Brian continuously deep throats the cock gagging every single time letting all the drool ooze out after each deep throat. Brian loves to be face fucked hard and forceful just the way Alessio is doing it. Brian has had enough of his face being fucked so he bends Alessio over the trash can and fucks him hard and deep making him bite on his knuckles as Brian slaps his balls with each hard thrust. Alessio loves to be pounded like this so much that he almost cums but its too soon for that because now it’s time for him to turn the tables and fuck Brian. Alessio bends him over, spreading that sweet ass pushing his dick inside. He pumps him deep then sits back in the chair and lets Brian ride his pulsating cock until he cums straight up in the air with Alessio stroking every last bit of cum out. Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios: JJ Knight & Ken Rodeo - Wild Weekend Part 2

After their adventures up at the Russian River, the guys are back in San Francisco and gearing up for the big Pride celebration. JJ Knight fixes himself a cup of morning coffee and sits down on the couch. Ken Rodeo is crashed out on JJ’s living room floor, and something stirs in JJ’s pants as he admires Ken’s bare ass. <br></br>Rolling over, Ken wakes up and is more than happy to swallow JJ’s immense cock. Jumping up on the couch, Ken spreads his ass and invites JJ to dive in tongue first. With his hole slick with spit, Ken is eager to get filled up by JJ’s massive meat. JJ sits on the couch and Ken lowers himself down onto JJ’s cock. Ken’s back flexes and his firm ass cheeks ripple as he rides JJ hard. After wearing out the couch, Ken reclines on the floor and throws a leg over JJ’s shoulder. JJ thrusts his huge dick back inside Ken’s hole and pounds him with fast, deep strokes. <br></br>As JJ pummels Ken’s hole, Ken jerks his cock and unleashes a gusher of cum across his smooth torso. Rising to his knees, Ken opens his mouth and makes his face a target for JJ’s load. Huge, white globs of cum explode from JJ’s cock and drench Ken’s stubbled chin. Taking JJ’s cock in his mouth, Ken sucks out the final drops as JJ sighs with satisfaction.

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Helix Studios - Guitar Hero #1Helix Studios - Guitar Hero #2Helix Studios - Guitar Hero #3
Helix Studios - Guitar Hero #4Helix Studios - Guitar Hero #5Helix Studios - Guitar Hero #6
Helix Studios - Guitar Hero #7Helix Studios - Guitar Hero #8

Strolling through the park the adorable Tyler Hill sees sexy new comer Colton James strumming the guitar. Everyone knows guitarists are like the Pied Piper for cock so naturally Tyler goes right up and starts chatting with the stud. Of course Tylers thinking "If this guy can play the guitar this great imagine what he could do to MY axe!" Once the boys get back to the apartment Colton's magical hands get to work on Tyler's beautiful bronze body! Showing off his own musical talent, Tyler plays a little skin flute on Colton's massive member. Tyler's moaning is music to our ears when Colton tongue fucks his his tight as a drum bubble butt. Tyler's ass is wet and begging to be fucked. Colton dives dick deep inside and plays the boys ass just like his guitar. Hitting all the right notes with long deep strokes in every position, Tyler stays rock hard the entire time. When Tyler backs up on it fucking himself we see HE'S got some good rhythm of his own! The climax is a symphony of seamen all over Tyler's perky behind which Colton licks off and shares with his new buddy in one hot final kiss!

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Roman Todd loves to go deep in Jake Davis sweet tight ass – I’m Getting Married – Roman Todd & Jake Davis

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Trainer Sebastian Kross stretches out Jonah Fontana’s ass. – The Trainer – Sebastian Kross & Jonah Fontana

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