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Eli is an adorable young twink, totally hairless and with a hooded pecker needing an education. The master is getting what he needs from the new boy on a brand new contraption too, a scaffolding rig perfect for tying up a boy and making him semen. The master gets his hooded twink into the perfect position, wanking and sucking him, rubbing their hard dicks together in some horny frott action until the sweet boy is allowed to spooge!

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Falcon Studios: Sebastian Kross & Carter Dane - Sexflix And Chill

Carter Dane has the porn already going when tatted Sebastian Kross sits down next to him on the couch, but they’d rather take what they see on screen and do it in real life! Carter starts by taking Sebastian’s whole cock in his mouth. His lips slide up and down Sebastian’s shaft, and his hands cup Sebastian’s hefty nuts. Sebastian’s cut abs ripple as he face fucks Carter. Eager to get his cock in Carter’s hole, Sebastian dives in for a wet and wild rim job. He spits on Carter’s tight, pink center and spreads it around with his tongue, sending Carter into a fit of ecstatic moaning. Carter’s practically begging for Sebastian’s cock, and finally he gets it. Sebastian’s girth is as impressive as his length, yet he quickly penetrates Carter all the way to the base of his massive cock. An overhead perspective reveals the vigor of Sebastian’s pounding, his cock slamming into the depths of Carter’s ass. Leaning back on the couch, Sebastian let’s Carter do his share of the work. Carter proves his prowess as a power bottom, sitting on Sebastian’s meat and going on a wild ride that brings Sebastian to the edge. Pulling out, Sebastian shoots his load all over Carter’s muscled ass. Carter rubs out his load, exploding white streaks of cum across his washboard abs.

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Men Over 30: Alessio Romero & Saxon West - Maintenance Fuckers Part 2

Alessio’s coworker Saxon is about to go home but needs to see if Alessio has fucked the new guy. Saxon already knows the answer (which is yes) but asks anyway and Alessio fills him in on some details. However, Alessio would rather fuck his ass again. Saxon has no problem with that and they begin to kiss and suck each other’s hard cocks. They swap BJs, then Alessio spreads open his ass and gets his tongue deep inside making sure his hole is nice and wet for a hard dick. First Saxon gets some of that ass and he fucks Alessio in a few different positions hard and slow until Alessio is ready to fuck him. Alessio lubes up that ass again with his mouth and then proceeds to fuck the cum out of him, making him explode all over Saxon as well.

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Turning a straight guy is every gay guy’s dream. This chick gathers up her gay friends and invites them to a birthday party she is throwing for her boyfriend. When the drinks keep flowing, things start happening! The guys were always fucking around slapping each other with towels, pulling their balls out to see who had the biggest. This time we have 5 gorgeous guys jerking it to win money. Ripped with hard cocks, they steal the show! Apparently, there is the idea floating around out there that if a guy sucks your dick, you are still straight. The same seems to apply to fucking, If you are the one fucking the guy, then you are still straight. I will let you guess which boy blows a huge load at the end? We have the classic form room get together with drinks, lots of hot guys, and the ONE straight friend. After a few drinks and some hot male bonding, our straight friend Jesse is not shy about getting turned on by guys at all.

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Sexy stepdad Adam Russo spends some quality time with young Derek Reed, who then meets up with his sister’s boyfriend, brown skinned stud Devon Felix. But Adam is busy seducing troubled young sex addict Killian James. Meanwhile, sexy straight boy Roman Todd secretly hooks up with brother in law Billie Ramos. Written and directed Nica Noelle.

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Stars: Killian James Adam Russo

Helix Studios - Touch #1Helix Studios - Touch #2Helix Studios - Touch #3
Helix Studios - Touch #4Helix Studios - Touch #5Helix Studios - Touch #6
Helix Studios - Touch #7Helix Studios - Touch #8

In a teenage boys bedroom filled with pillows and bunkbeds we find super twink, all american blonde, blue eyed Noah White and gorgeous, big dicked Jessie Montgomery. The sexy pair start swapping spit, which turns Jessie's enormous cock rock hard and nearly spilling out of his underwear. Noah quickly gets on his knees, pulls the underwear down letting Jessie's dick come flopping out directly into his open, wet mouth. Jessie is so big that tiny, perfect Noah has a hard time trying to fit the enormous thing in his mouth; but, this doesn't stop him from trying! Jessie returns the favor by diving face first into Noah's perfectly round, tight and toned ass which has just the perfect amount of beautiful baby peach fuzz – gorgeous! Noah is all horned up and climbs on top of Jessie – sits down right on top of his gigantic cock, taking it all, slowly and balls deep. Jessie spreads Noah's bubble round ass apart with a hand on each cheek, giving us the perfect view as Noah rides him rock hard. Now Jessies hungry for cock and starts deep throating Noah's dick like a champ as his blonde skater boy hair dangles in his beautiful face. Jessie cant be away from Noah's ass for long so we're treated to more fucking; this time standing while Noah has one leg higher; giving us full view of his ass being torn apart by his buddy. Next, onto some HOT doggie style which makes Noah moan with pleasure. Jessie cant take it any longer and gets ready to bust and what better place than Noah's beautiful, young face. He squirts right in Noah's open mouth, jamming his cock back in it once more as cum oozes in heavy streams down Noah's chin. This takes Noah over the edge and he launches a load over his stomach and onto his toned arm. Sticky, sweaty and sexy they end in a passionate, steamy make-out session.

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Friends Damien Hyde & Johnny Riley have sex for the old days – Best Friend Reunion – Johnny Riley & Damien Hyde

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Extra Big Dicks: Ethan Slade, Jimmie Slater & Lance Barr - Dicking Around In Detention

The boys got busted and now all of them are in detention. The teacher gives them a lecture on how to be respectful in the classroom and then leaves the room so they can think their actions over. Once the teacher has the left Jimmie the biggest trouble maker in the room stands up and begins to draw a big cock on the chalk board. Once he is finished he turns to face Ethan and Lance while he grabs his junk. Jimmie is getting nice hard and so horny that he asks which one will suck his cock before the teacher gets back. Lance may be quiet but his hand flies up quick to suck that dick. Next you know it Lance is blowing Jimmie while Ethan is making out with him. Lance moves from cock to cock sucking each one while stroking and playing with their balls. Two cocks in his face equal heaven in detention. Jimmie is calling the shots so he bends Lance over the desk and begins to fuck his eager ass while Ethan face fucks him. Tag teaming the quiet kid is lots of fun and very enjoyable but Ethan wants a piece of that cock deep inside him so they switch it up and Jimmie finishes off fucking that tight ass of his until Ethan ends up with all there cum dripping down his smooth manly chest. <BR><BR>Enjoy!

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Acrobatic fetish sex with Brendan Phillips and Ryan Rose – Slicked Up – Ryan Rose & Brendan Phillips

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