Boy Gusher: Willy noticed we had some bondage equipment and the fleshjack and he wanted to try it out. This time around we convinced him to get tied up and Mr. Hand would play with his cock.

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College Dudes: This is one fuck-fest you don’t want to miss, as muscle man Alex bottoms for the gorgeous Sam and he pounds him like there’s no tomorrow!

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These sexy jocks have a threeway bareback fuck session!

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Nasty fuckers Sean & Johnny live only for sexual pleasure – Dirty Fuckers – Johnny V & Sean Zevran

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Fetish Force: Tony Buff & Draven Torres - Daddyz Boyz

An erection juts out from Draven Torres’ sculpted muscles. His nipples are rigid pinpoints of flesh. Tony Buff stands behind him holding a skein of rope that he uses to tie Draven’s wrists behind his back. As Tony works, the rope becomes an elaborate harness, binding Draven’s arms to his sides and encircling his pecs. Tony kisses him and strokes his erection, playing with the foreskin. Tony blindfolds Draven with a yellow bandana, and makes him lie on the floor. Tony licks Draven’s cock, flicks his tongue across the tips of his nipples. Then he sucks him in earnest and slaps his balls. Draven is a trembling mass of hard muscle, unable to do anything except utter sounds that express what he feels. Again and again Tony uses his hand and mouth to bring Draven to the point of release, always stopping short of orgasm. Draven’s cock is dripping when Tony finally brings him to full release not once, but twice.

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Two wild horny guys kissing, sucking and fucking on a bed. – Fantastic Boy Power – Nasty Bastards

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Circle Jerk Boys: Blake Savage, Jason Ackles, Kaydin Bennett & Billy Ramos - The In Crowd

Jason is out at the park watching some young college boys from a distant when he realizes that he forgot his lighter at home. He begins to walk towards the boys as they are in mid conversation about a Frat party later in the evening. The group of sexy college students tells Jason that they don’t have a lighter but if he wants he can come back to the dorm to party and use as many lighters as he wants. Once back at the dorms Jason is bewildered to see that there is no party and the group of boys are standing in the room laughing at him while the circle him. They inform him that he is the life of the party and he should get down on his knees and do what they want. With some hesitation he drops to his knees and begins to stroke and suck on each cock. Three different sized cocks, some uncut and some not, and Jason is loving every minute of it. The boys can tell he’s done this before so they take full advantage of his mouth and smooth hands. Finally on his back the boys cover him with all their hot cum from head to toe. Enjoy!

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Extra Big Dicks: Kaydin Bennett - Towel Talk

The director is trying out some new camera gear so he’s decided to start Kaydin’s solo a littler earlier than planned. Kaydin turns around from his shower and is startled to see the director testing out his equipment. So the director begins to ask Kaydin some questions about his dick size and how comfortable he is doing the shoot. Kaydin is very relaxed and easygoing so he just flows right through the small interview with the director. Eventually the director wants to measure his cock to see how big his uncut cock really is and it’s a big one that’s for sure. With a completely new take on things Kaydin enjoys himself to the fullest extent stroking his thick massive uncut cock to completion. Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios: Part 2 - Angelo Marconi & Jimmy Durano - San Francisco Meat Packers

Cleaning the steel meat-cutting tables, Angelo Marconi polishes the surfaces. When he bends over, his low-riding jeans reveal a prime butt-crack that grabs the attention of Jimmy Durano. Jimmy pops a boner that he massages through his leather work apron until it’s bigger than a pork tenderloin. Angelo looks up to see Jimmy’s throbbing invitation and swallows the choice cut of meat. Holding his hard meat in his gloved hand, Jimmy packs Angelo’s throat until the juices run clear. Wanting a crack at Angelo’s crack, Jimmy pushes his jeans down lower and bends him over the shining table. Planting his cock like a hotdog in a bun, Jimmy lets Angelo sample the full length and girth of the sausage that’s about to spear him. He lubes the hole with his tongue, then forges ahead in a single quick thrust. Angelo’s balls are trussed in a leather thong to help seal in the juices until he’s ready to burst. Then he splats a big puddle of scalding hot man juice on his belly, taking Jimmy’s hot load in his mouth and face.

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