Don’t you love those big dicked dudes that like to prowl around in the dead of night? In the dark, looking for wet warm holes to slide their hard meat in. Jsin is one of my favorite big dicks. He loves busting a fat nut white eating my ass after he has fucked it all sloppy.

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Stars: Rogan Hardy

Our top model of the year, XL, is rockin’ his talent for bringing the heat every time. This time it’s a versatile "freestyle" (that’s what we call it when everybody gets fucked, LOL) fuckfest with muscular hottie Lasko and fan staple, Young Buck, another hard-bodied, big-dicked favorite. The DawgpoundUSA Crew loves this shoot as one of its very best and so will you

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Stars: Lasko Young Buck XL

– The Trainer: No Excuses – Rex Cameron & Arad Winwin

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Ian Frost gets his tight sweet ass plowed by Markie More – Markie More Breaks in Ian Frost – Markie More & Ian Frost

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Fetish Force: Sebastian Keys & Seamus O'Reilly - Domination Diner

Seamus O’Reilly works in a diner with Sebastian Keys. Seamus is trying to mind his own business as he scrubs down the display case, but he can’t help noticing Sebastian rubbing his crotch and watching him work from across the room. Sebastian wants what he sees and approaches to grab Seamus by the ass. Seamus wants to finish his work and protests for Sebastian to leave him alone. ‘We have the whole place to ourselves,’ Sebastian pleads, as he grabs his coworker by the neck and covers his mouth saying that doesn’t want to hear any complaints. Sebastian is very convincing with all the ass slapping and rough foreplay and Seamus finally caves to his desires when he lets Sebastian have his way. Sebastian wants to show his dominance over the newbie and smashes his face in a piece of chocolate cake. The move makes Seamus twitch in his pants and with his face still covered in cake, he bends over and offers up his ass. After a nice long rimming and spanking session, Seamus is ready to suck some dick. Once Sebastian is as hard as he can be, he bends Seamus over a table and slides his boner deep inside. Sebastian wants his new coworker to feel all the pleasure he can and pumps away until Seamus blows his steamy load all over himself. ‘Clean up your mess,’ Sebastian demands, and then locks Seamus in the the cooler naked.

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Club Inferno: Matthieu Paris & Wilfred Knight - Fistpack 30: 3 Fists in Paris

Matthieu Paris and Wilfried Knight invest all their energy and efforts in pleasuring one another. Wilfried starts to nurse off Matthieu’s uncut cock, nibbling and biting the fleshy foreskin and swallowing the shaft all the way down to its base. Then he turns Matthieu arround so he can stretch his asshole wide open and let his tongue sink inside. Matthieu next lays back in the sling, his legs spread apart and his asshole exposed and vulnerable to Wilfried’s whim. The hunky Wilfried talks Matthieu through the anal workout he’s got planned, assuring him, encouraging him to buck up, as he literally tries to rip his asshole apart. Matthieu’s sphincter muscle is stretched to the extreme, revealing the reddish inverted flesh of his anal canal. But none of this backdoor destruction will deter the men from the undeniable excitement they’re feeling. Matthieu’s ass swallows more and more of Wilfried’s greased arm, the elasticity of his hole quite impressive and not suggested for the squeamish. More two-handed fisting, more asshole stretching, more full arm insertion and then a mouthful of Wilfried’s cum in Matthieu’s mouth, and the men are through, exhausted and wallowing with satisfaction in their joint excursion through hell.

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Extra Big Dicks: Fernando Del Rio & Noah Donovan - Big Dick Rumor

Noah is in the locker room when Fernando comes in and starts staring at him. They exchange a few words before Fernando asks Noah if the rumor is true about him having a huge cock. Noah tells him he should find out by sucking it. Fernando does just that and gets on his knees and wraps his mouth around all ten inches of Noah’s cock deep down his throat. Noah then puts Fernando on his back on the bench and begins to face fuck him as he plays with and sucks Fernando’s uncut cock. He bends Fernando over the bench and rims his ass deep with his tongue before fucking him. Noah starts out slow at first and once Fernando is comfortable he increases the intensity and fucks the cum right out of him. He pulls out and Fernando takes Noah’s load in his mouth and we see the cum oozing out the sides of his happy mouth.

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When Jack said he wanted to start playing with pegs on a boy we knew we wanted to see sexy Koby being used by him. We got him stripped naked and put him in the metal rack, tied in with rope and with a bar in front of his neck. Even though it was really tough for him, we knew he couldn’t wait to be wanked and sucked by gorgeous boy Jack! The handsome lad does a great job, working Koby’s sexy cock, stroking and sucking him, pegging his balls and torso and finally taking him right to the edge, tearing the pegs away just as Koby starts pumping his jizz out! You can tell from the look on Koby’s face and the moans of pain and pleasure that he wasn’t expecting this, but he’s gonna want more now!

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Falcon Studios: Jackson Grant, Mick Stallone & Rikk York - High n' Tight

Leatherman barber Rikk York is working on a ‘High n’ Tight’ cut for his client, Mick Stallone. They make conversation about where to go out and what the local guys are like. Rikk’s assistant, Jackson Grant, overhears the conversation and shares a knowing glance with Mick through the mirror. Jackson pulls up his shirt and starts stroking his cock. ‘Again?’ Rikk says. Pulling back the barber smock, reveals that Mick has already started stroking himself. Jackson comes over and goes down on Mick’s hard cock. Joining in, Rikk thrusts his hard cock down Mick’s throat. Jackson makes out with Rikk as Mick switches to sucking Jackson’s cock. Jackson stands as Rikk and Mick both kneel and suck on his meat, lick his balls, and make out with each other. Rikk gets on the barber’s chair so Mick can rim Rikk’s hairy ass. It’s time for the boss to get what he wants: Jackson fucks Rikk’s face while Mick stands up and plows Rikk’s hairy hole with his hard cock. Switching out the chair for a bench, Rikk lays down and has Jackson sit on his cock. Mick watches while feeding Rikk his cock. Straddling Rikk’s face, Mick makes out with Jackson as Rikk continues thrusting his cock up into Jackson’s tight hole. Rikk spreads Mick’s asshole and shoves his tongue between Mick’s cheeks. Jackson and Mick blow their loads at the same time, shooting their hot, white cum onto Rikk’s hairy abs. Mick makes out with Rikk as Rikk strokes himself and lets loose with his own stream of sticky jizz.

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Logan Cage is the hot boy next door you always wish would come and fuck you in the ass with his big cock. And today Alec Shea’s tight ass is the lucky recipient of that big ol dick slamming his hole.

These two couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other so we bypassed the interview and they went for it. After some kissing – Alec is on his knees swallowing Logan’s cock to the base. Logan gets Alec on all fours and buries his tongue deep inside his tight cheeks to lube it ready for his raw cock.

That bare dick feels soo good inside Alec that the two cum simultaneously – Alec all over his own abs and Logan deep inside Alec’s pounded hole. I swear one of the sexiest scenes we’ve done!

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